Butterfly Species


There are approximately 24,000 species of butterflies worldwide.

The country with the most recorded butterfly species is Peru, which has over 3,700 species and about 20% of the world’s total.

The swallowtail family includes the largest butterfly species, most of which are colorful and have a tail-like projection on each hind-wing.

Whites and Sulphurs (or yellow/orange butterflies) are among the first to appear in the Spring.

Gossamer-winged butterflies are smaller bluish or coppery butterflies that often have small, hair-like tails on their hind-wings.  Most rest with their wings folded and their under-wings exposed.

Skippers are named for their fast, bouncing flight, and have distinctive antennae which end in curved clubs.

Brushfoots are named for the small hairy forelegs, which they use to ‘taste’ food.