Butterfly Symbolism

In Asian cultures, butterflies are symbolic of the undying bond between lovers, a good social life for the young at heart, joy, and the essence of happiness.

In a variety of cultures, butterflies symbolize wisdom and the spreading of knowledge from person to person.

In Southern Germany, many believe the dead are reborn as children who fly about as butterflies.

The Irish believe butterflies are the souls of the dead awaiting their passage through purgatory.

Dream interpreters view butterflies as symbolic of the need to settle down in life, superficiality, or a long and happy marriage depending on the role of the butterfly in the dream sequence.

Some tribes in Mexico believe the butterfly is a symbol of the fertility of the earth.

Suspicious cultures consider a flock of butterflies as foreshadow to an upcoming epidemic or war.

Ancient Greeks believed a butterfly emerging from its cocoon symbolized the birth of a new human soul.

Ancient Celts believed butterflies seen flying at night mean certain death.

Early Native Americans believed butterflies carried various wishes to the Great Spirit

The Christian religion has long held butterflies as symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus.

Many in today’s society hold butterflies as symbolic of significant change in a person’s life.

Additional symbolisms include endurance, hope, life, celebrations, new beginnings, and emergence.  With a list this long, it’s no wonder butterflies have enjoyed a long history of global and timeless appreciation.  The metamorphosis of which is truly one of Nature’s greatest mysteries.

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Photograph by Linda Unger

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