DIY Butterfly Card 2

DSC_2054This card I made by repurposing a thank you card I had on hand.

  • I used a piece of ivory scrapbook paper with handwriting on it and adhered it to the left side of the card in a vertical manner; this covered up the original words, “thank you”.
  • I then wrapped the front of the card with silver stretch cord and tied it on the front.
  • To make the dimensional butterfly:
    • I stamped a piece of peach colored scrapbooking paper with my large butterfly stamp (using black ink).
    • I used clear tape to cover the butterfly entirely, adding stiffness to the paper.
    • I used my small craft scissors to cut out the stamped and taped butterfly.
    • I rolled the wings over a wide pen and bent the wings at the center of the body for added dimension.
  • I adhered the butterfly to the card, covering the cut ends of the silver stretch cord.
  • I used my “thinking of you” stamp for my sentiment on the front of the card.

Pretty, and an easy way to repurpose an existing card to meet a specific need or occasion.

Butterfly StampSilver Stretch cord







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