Perfect position for taking a butterly pictureStart with the right equipment and consider any lens with macro up to 200 or 300mm, or longer to avoid the need to approach the butterfly too closely, causing your subject to fly off.

  • Use a fast shutter speed (400 ISO) to help freeze the movement of the butterfly and any neighboring flowers; otherwise a shutter speed of 200 – 250 is ample for photographing butterflies, and a preferred aperture of 8 or above, as per lighting conditions.
  • Zoom in tight enough to fill at least ½ to 2/3 of the frame with the butterfly.
  • Avoid “straight on” shots, and try to photograph a variety of angles.
  • Take lots of pictures in your effort to increase your chances of coming home with the perfect shot.
  • Use a flash when needed, especially if you find a picturesque opportunity in the shade.
  • Avoid shooting on a windy day, unless you are seasoned at photographing moving targets.

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