Butterfly Punch Art

Butterfly Punch ProjectTime Needed: Up to 20 minutes.

Project Level: Very easy, unless using a computer and printer.

Making butterfly punch art is so simple but the outcome is awesome. All that is needed are butterfly-shaped paper punches, colorful paper (colorful magazine pages, birthday or holiday cards, or scrapbooking paper), 3D foam sticky dots, card stock, matting and a frame for display.

Use any paper background that you like that will spotlight your butterflies.

For two of these projects, I focused on a black and white silhouette theme. On one project, I used an actual page that I tore from a used book, which I taped to a blank 8.5’x11’ sheet of paper and ran through my printer to print out the silhouette of the woman’s face. I then applied black and white punched butterflies. I used the 3D foam sticky dots on the larger butterflies, to give my art depth and dimension. I used Elmer’s glue to glue the smaller butterflies onto the page.

Butterfly project suppliesOn the other two projects I used old glittery Christmas cards for the butterflies. I just love the elegance of the glitter.

And, punched butterflies make lovely personalized stationary and note cards.

Butterfly ProjectTry creating your own framed butterfly-punch art and see what other marvelous projects emerge in the process.

Butterfly Punch Art Project

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