Cone Butterfly Project

Butterfly project

Butterfly project

Time Needed: Up to 20 minutes, not including drying time between paints of coat.

Project Level: This project requires a creative flair and vision!

Once I finished decorating our Butterfly Christmas Tree, I had the bug, and wanted more festive holiday decorations featuring these winged-lovelies.

This project was equally fun to make. Here are the supplies we used:

  • Two different sized Styrofoam cones, which I bought at Michael’s, a local arts and craft store. You might purchase yours at Hobby Lobby or any other local arts and craft store. If I remember correctly, I paid $5 and $6 dollars for each cone.
  • Gold metallic spray paint, which I already had on hand from a previous craft project.  You could also use a silver or bronze spray, but should keep it metallic or pearlized for added luster.
  • Butterfly clips. There were a number of different colors and sizes to choose from, and I found these on sale in the section with other Christmas ornaments. I chose red glittery butterflies for this project.
  • Decorative ribbon. I found beautiful ivory and gold ribbon Cone Butterfly Projectfor this project, but you could use any color, pattern, and width that complement the colors of your butterflies.
  • Artificial Christmas sprays or picks. For this project I used gold sprays with gold blossoms, to be color coordinated with the ribbon.
  • Straight pins. I used pearl head straight pins, sometimes called corsage pins, which I incorporated into the design and blended into the Christmas sprays or picks. I found using straight pins to pin the spray in place was easier than trying to glue it in place. A Hot glue gun will melt the Styrofoam, and Elmer’s glue just seemed to run down the side of the cone. So, I assembled the ribbon and decorative Christmas sprays with straight pins.

Butterfly Cone ProjectThe 1st step for this project was to spray paint the Styrofoam cones with the metallic gold color, allowing for the suggested drying time in between coats. This step should be done outdoors and in a well ventilated area.

Next, I used the corsage pins to secure the Christmas spray to the cones, as desired.

I then used the straight pins to secure the decorative ribbon around the cones, twisting and curling the ribbon to give the cones added dimension and depth.

Finally, I clipped the glittery butterflies to the ribbon, as desired. And, Voile! These turned out just beautiful!

I place the two cones on a pedestal in the foyer, and added a sprig of artificial garland in front of them, for added color.


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