Leaf Butterfly Artwork

Butterfly Art Project

Time Needed: Up to 20 minutes, not including the time taken to gather/collect the leaves.

Project Level: Anyone can do this!

This project was equally fun to make, and makes for a perfect transition piece between Spring and Fall. In fact, fall leaves make beautiful butterflies.

Here are the supplies I used:

  • Fall LeavesThese I gathered from my backyard in November. I intentionally chose leaves that had turned in color, and looked for well preserved fallen leaves (meaning leaves that were not torn, weathered, or eaten).
  • Decorative paper. I used scrapbook paper that already had a flower design, and picked paper that was muted in color in order to show off and spotlight the fall leaves.
  • Butterfly ProjectButterfly Art ProjectElmer’s glue, which I had on hand.
  • A frame with glass. Any kind of frame will work for this project, and any size, depending on how many butterflies you want to include in your artwork. I used a 5×7 frame to showcase two butterflies.


The first step of this project included collecting the leaves. I collected more than I thought I would use, so that I had plenty to choose from in terms of size and shape.

I then used a small pair of scissors to cut off the stems on each leaf, which would be used for the butterfly antennae later.

Framed butterfly art you can makeNext, I placed the leaves in various butterfly shapes, overlapping them as needed, and placed the stems where the antennae would be.

Then, I used the Elmer’s glue to secure the leaves and antennae in place; not much glue was needed, just small dots.

Finally, I framed the sheet, using the glass to protect the leaves.

This makes a great art piece for your favorite wall, and the butterflies can be easily changed out for each season, spotlighting the leaves of the moment.


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