Oragami Butterflies

Butterfly ProjectTime Needed: Just a few minutes for each butterfly.

Project Level: Anyone can do this!

Needed Supplies:

  • Paper. (This can be decorative paper, scrapbooking paper, gift-wrapping paper, sheet music, pages from a book… any kind of paper).
  • Pen, Ruler, and Scissors. These tools are needed to cut the paper down to the right sizes. I used square pieces of paper in sizes 3”, 4” and 5” inches across.
  • 26 Gauge Black Wire. This is used to wrap around the butterflies and make the antennae with.

The first step is to cut down the pieces of paper into the desired sized squares – either 3”, 4” or 5”.

The next set of steps include folding the paper in origami style:

1. Fold the piece of paper in half, then open back up.

2. Fold the piece of paper in half, the other direction, then open back up.

3. Fold the piece of paper diagonally, then open back up.

4. Fold the piece of paper diagonally the other way, then open back up.

5. Fold the center folds inward, to make a triangle that is open at the bottom.

6. Fold the top layer corners upward toward the top center.

7. Flip the paper over.

8. Fold the bottom corner of the solid piece up and over the edge of the top; flatten the center crease only and not the edges.

9. Pinch the butterfly together and flatten the crease of the body.

The final step is to attach the antennae, which I did using a piece of the black wire. Cut a piece of wire approximately 12” long. Fold the wire in half and slip it around the body of the butterfly. Twist the wire 2 or 3 times where the antennae belong. Spread the antennae and snip to desired length.


Take this project one step further and create an art piece using your origami butterflies.

Butterfly ProjectI found a classic butterfly poem called, “The Bee and the Butterfly”, by Mary Darby Robinson in the public domain, so I can use any part of it without violating copyright laws. I selected a couple lines from the poem and printed them on a white sheet of paper using my personal computer and home printer. (Before printing, I measured the size of my frame, and printed the poetry lines on the page centered near the top).

I then cut out the printed poem and place it in a white frame, which I stained with brown staining medium to give an aged look. I stained the paper too.

I also stained three origami butterflies, to keep in theme with the aged look.

I then glued the butterflies with a hot glue gun to the printed paper and frame. The end result? A magnificent and three dimensional work of art!

Butterfly project


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