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Funny Butterfly Telling Butterfly Jokes

Why did the kid throw butter out of the window? He wanted to see a “butter fly”.

How do you make a butterfly? Flick it out of the butter dish with a knife.

Why wouldn’t the butterfly go to the dance? It was a moth ball.

Who is the king of the insects? The Monarch!

What is the greasiest bug? The butter-fly!

What do a moth, a butterfly, and a fish have in common? Scales

Have you ever seen a butterfly cry? No, but I’ve seen a moth bawl!

What do you get when you eat caterpillars? Butterflies in your stomach!

Don’t feed the butterflies

I brake for butterflies

My butterfly is an honor roll student

My butterfly is smarter than your butterfly

Butterflies on board

Beware of guard butterfly

Butterfly crossing

Have you hugged your butterfly today?

I love my butterfly

Got butterfly?

BYOB – bring your own butterflies

I honk for butterflies