Paper Lanterns

Time Needed: Up to 10 minutes.

Project Level: Very easy.

DSC_2135Decorate any room with these fun and easy to make colorful lanterns.

I just love paper lanterns for party celebrations, and thought it would be fun to make some with butterflies.  All you need is a computer and color printer, scissors, tape, and a votive candle.

  • Simply download this colorful Paper Lanterns Template.
  • Print both pages on your color printer on standard 8.5×11″ white or colored paper.  Print multiple copies for multiple lanterns.
  • Once printed, fold the pages in half across the grey lines.
  • Use scissors to cut along the grey lines, but don’t cut beyond them.
  • Feel free to add extra elegance to your lantern by cutting along the top and bottom of each page with decorative edged scrapbooking scissors.
  • Unfold your pages and use clear tape to secure the page ends long-wise to form the lantern.
  • Gently bend the pages as needed to shape your lantern, and place them upright over your votive candle.

I recommend placing votive or tea light candles in glass holders before inserting into the lantern.  Dim the lights, and enjoy!


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